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            "Digital logistics" on the logistics model "digital logistics" refers to the simulation and virtual reality, computing intelligence, computer networks, databases, multimedia and information support technology, the application of digital technology on the logistics involved in the object and activities Technology, information technology, information storage, communication protocol, peripheral equipment and interconnection. It is a technical system that expresses, processes and controls, has information, network, intelligence, integration and visualization. Network and so on as the technical means to the information science as the theoretical basis, including information discretization expression, scanning, processing, storage, transmission, sensing, implementation, materialization, support, integration and networking and other fields of science and technology collection. Digital logistics is actually the entire process of logistics to describe the digital, so that the logistics system more efficient and reliable to deal with complex issues, to provide people with convenient and efficient logistics services, performance of the logistics system of accurate, timely and efficient features , And then to "logistics operations digital, logistics business electronic, logistics business network." For the requirements of the logistics system, there are a variety of references, but in essence, is accurate, fast, efficient and personalized, of which accurate and fast is the survival of the logistics enterprises, only to meet the fast and accurate under the premise of development Personalized service, can talk about improving the efficiency of business operations. In an era of unprecedented competition for business, in order to take advantage of time-based competitions, it is necessary to build a complete set of systems that respond to the environment in an agile and rapid environment.

            In the case of quick demand, there are actually a variety of meanings. First, for the demand side, the rapid means that the goods at the right time to reach the destination, that is, timely; for the logistics system, the rapid completion of the system is efficient logistics, which can reduce the burden on assets and improve the relevant The turnover rate, in a way also means that the efficient use of inventory; Also should be noted that the rapid also refers to the logistics system for business changes in adaptability.In modern enterprises, in order to improve competitiveness, the business process reorganization or A similar adjustment is very common. Agile system to achieve on the one hand to rely on the logistics system business optimization, on the other hand also depends on the development of information technology, especially automatic identification technology, wireless network technology, BI (business intelligence) and so on. Of innovation, but also changed some of the traditional mode of operation, through technological innovation can also lead to changes in the model. "Digital logistics" should be the advanced results of information technology applied to the logistics business, with advanced information technology to promote the logistics business model changes. The rapid development of information technology, new technology, standard innovation, but the information must be the actual production, social services, to reflect its practical value.